Watermeyer: (012) 804 6107
Newlands: (012) 348 2170



Plastic organisers, Toolboxes, Lasher tools, Ezee Store, Spray bottles etc.


Small to large storage boxes, Organisers, Food containers, Lunch tins etc.


Stationery, Pens, School bags, Space cases, Flip files, Exercise books, Clipboards, Exam pads etc.


Food storage, Cutlery, Cooking utensils, baking utensils, marinex, food packaging etc.


Leashes, food and water bowls, pet carriers, kennels, bedding, blankets, brushes, poop scoop and toys etc.


Consol, bottles, catering jars, preserve jars, glasses, mugs, mason jars, solar jar, ovenware etc.

WELCOME to five star plastics!

FIVE STAR PLASTICS can offer you affordable and functional plastic, glass and storage products for your home, work and play.
Five Star Plastics currently has two stores, one situated in the Watermeyer Park Shopping Centre in Pretoria and the other in Newlands Plaza Centre, Pretoria.

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